Dirty text messages are wicked fun to send your boyfriend!

I came up with some dirty texts that really got my guy excited and could take him over the edge and hard as a rock – if I wanted to! It’s amazing the power I can have over a man with a few juicy dirty texts. I want to share a few really good ones with you to try on your guy.

First of all, if you want to have a dirty text conversation and not just send a text he’ll read later, text your boyfriend at a time you know he should be free, like on his lunch break or commuting home from work or in the evening when you know he’ll be home.

Example: Dirty text convo I start after a date

Me:Hey stud. I loved those snug jeans you wore last night. They really showed off your hot assets.

Him:Yeah. Tell me more.

Me:Well, I couldn’t keep my eyes of your ass. All I could think about was rubbing my hands up and down and all around on those sexy cheeks of yours and then…

Him:And then what?

Me:And then there’s that huge bulge UR packin. I almost lost it at dinner and wanted to…

Him:Wanted to what, babe?

Me:Unzip you under the table and grab that big cock of yours and then…

Him:Oh baby. I’m getting excited. Keep going.

Me:And then start to rub your head with slow and deliberate circles with my thumb. I know how you LUV how that feels.

Him:Oh yeah. I’m getting hard for you right now.

Then I could get more explicit with pleasuring his package or my boyfriend might take his turn at texting me his naughty thoughts.

Example: Dirty text convo I like to start with my boyfriend is when I get out of the shower

Me: “Hey babe. I just got out of the shower and started rubbing my body lotion all over me. I got hot thinking about something you do to me.

Him:Tell me more.

Me:I LUV the sensual massages you give me. The feel of your warm hands moving up and down my body slow and gentle.

Then I’ll pause for a minute to build anticipation or give my guy a chance to respond.

Me: “I luv your tongue flicking my hard nipples.

Me: “That sends shivers down my body.

Me: “When u gently spread my legs.

Me: “I feel ur eyes on my body, ur breath on my stomach.

Me: “I’m so turned on. My excitement is building.

Me: “I feel your fingers slide between my lips.

Me: “Tell me what you luv to do to me next, babe”

This gives my boyfriend a turn at texting me his dirty thoughts to get himself off.

Example: Dirty text message I start while I’m out shopping

I like to start this one when I.m shopping for sexy underwear or lingerie.

Me:I’m at the store and got to thinkin about u.

Him:Yeah. Why is that?

Me:I’m on the elevator going up to the lingerie dept. U know how I like to get a rise out of u when I’m wearing sexy panties :)

Then I’ll wait until I get in front of some sexy bra and underwear or babydolls display and continue.

Me:Babe, I’m looking at some really sexy panties now.

Him:Go on.

Me:I have a pair of lacy black panties in my hand. They feel so soft to the touch.

Me:I luv it when u make slow and gentle circles on my clit thru my panties.

Me:Do u want to cum over 2nite and let me model them for you?

Him:Yeah baby. Be there at 6.
These kinds of vivid, explicit dirty texts work great to get my boyfriend turned on in a hurry. Notice how I make the texts short. This allows my boyfriend’s imagination to start to run wild. It gives him a chance to respond. I keep building the anticipation and sexual tension with each text.

Try it, you’ll both love it.

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