Here’s a few of my fav hot text messages to turn on your boyfriend

They are short but they work – he won’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day!

Hot Text: U make me so damn horny

Hot Text: I want 2 feel UR wet lips all over me 2nite

Hot Text: Bring some whipped cream 2nite. I’m ur dessert.

Hot Text: IM throbbing 4 UR lower lip massage special. U know how it drives me completely over the edge.

Hot Text: I luv how U flick your tongue on my xxxx. U make my body shiver w utter pleasure

Hot Text: IM in the mood 2 take U for a loooong hard ride 2nite.

Hot Text: I want 2 get naked with U right now

Hot Text: I want to run my hands all over ur hard chest

Hot Text: I’ve got a new magic trick 2 show U. It’s sure to get a rise out of U.

Hot Text: IM ready 4 my next baseball lesson. Bring UR bat n balls over 2nite.

Hot Text: UR my fav sex toy. When can U cum play?

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