Question: How can I start a sexy text conversation with a guy?

Answer: One of the easiest ways to start a sexy text conversation with a guy is to take an ordinary activity and put a sexy, dirty twist on it.

Once you get the hang of putting a sexy twist on your text messages, you’ll be able to text your guy anytime, anywhere and get him all hot and bothered.

Here’s 3 examples of sexy text conversations using ordinary, even mundane, activities

Sexy Text Conversation Starter #1

You:Hey babe. I’m doing my laundry and I’m holding something that made me get hot thinking about you.

Him:Yeah. What’s that?

You:A pair shorts. You looked so hot in your bike shorts the other day. They were really showing off your big package.

Him:They were? :)

You:I wanted so badly to pull your shorts down to your ankles and grab hold of your big bulging package and start xxxxx it.

Him:I’ll bring some whipped cream over tonight and you can do it to me all night long!”

You:Can’t wait :)

Sexy Text Conversation Starter #2

You:Hey babe. I just got out of the shower and started rubbing my body lotion all over me. I got hot thinking about something you do to me.

Him:You know I love to do all kinds of things to you. Which one are you thinking of?

You: I’m thinking about how aroused I get when you give my hard nipples a twist with your magic fingers and then gently bite them.

Him:Can you touch your nipples right now for me and tell me how it feels?

You:Yes baby I can.

Sexy Text Conversation Starters #3

You:Hey babe. I’m getting ready to go to work. I’ve got something in my hands that made me think of you and I’m getting turned on.

Him:Whatcha got in your hot little hands?

You:I’ve got my favorite red lipstick in my hands.

Him:Yeah, you look hot with that color on.

You:I’m thinking about how I love to kiss your neck and nibble on your earlobes while I’ve got my legs wrapped around you grinding on your lap.

Him:Oh baby. Tell me more.

See how easy it is to take something ordinary you’re doing and combine it with explicit images of something that turns on your guy and use it to start a sexy text conversation?

The more personal, the more explicit and descriptive the hotter and sexier your conversation will be.

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