Question: How can I turn on a guy in a text message?

Answer: It’s easy to turn on a guy by texting him like a writer of an erotic romance novel.

If you have ever read an erotic romance novel, remember how the writer got you all worked up and aroused with very vivid sexual images?

Well, sexy texting is made up of words that create the same kind of images in your guy’s mind about all the things you want to do to him or that he likes to do to you that will get him turned on.

Once you implant those images in his mind, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you and he will be racing home to you all hot and bothered.

Here’s 3 tips on creating text messages to turn on a guy

Tip #1: Your sexy text messages should be short
You don’t have to send a long message to get your guy turned on.

Tip #2: Make it oh so personal!
Think about what kind of vivid images you can create that are unique to your guy. The more personal the image you create, the more turned on he will get.

Tip #3: Create a vivid image
Think about the sexiest thing you can imagine about your man that turns you on more than anything else. Now create a vivid image of it and then write it down on a piece of paper.

In fact, you can create a list of the top 5 or 10 things that really turn you on about your guy and create a sexy image about each one you can write down and turn into a hot and sexy text message.

As time goes by and the more experiences you share together, those things that turn you on about your guy will grow and evolve, too, creating an endless list of sexy texts to send him to turn him on.

Here’s 3 examples of hot and sexy text messages

Dirty Text #1

You:Hey babe. I loved those jeans you wore the other night. They really showed off what a great package you have.

Him:They do? :)

You:I wanted so badly to pull your zipper down and wrap my hands around your asset and start xxxx it.

Him:Yeah baby. Tell me more.

Dirty Text #2

You:Hey babe. I’m thinking about you and how I love it when you work your magic fingers on my nipples and then gently bite them.
(pause for a minute to build the anticipation)

You:I’m getting hot just thinking about you doing it to me right now. Can’t wait till the weekend.”

Dirty Text #3

You:I’m starting to make dinner right now and I got to thinking about you.
(pause for a minute to build the anticipation)

You:I’ve got a large kitchen spoon in my hand and I’m slapping it against my ass. It’s making me wish you were slapping it against my tight ass before you take me.

See how easy it is to turn a guy once you know the formula!

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