Sending sexy and dirty text messages to your boyfriend is easier than you think

girl's guide to dirty texts and dirty talk

I was on a ‘mission’! After a few ‘UR Hot’…’I want you now’…’Come home and spank me’ type of sexy texts…I ran out of ideas

I want to make sure my man is thinking about me even when I’m not around by planting little seeds. I would text him flirty or “thinking of you” messages but I wanted to really step it up a notch and get sexier and sometimes downright dirty with my text messages. But after a few “I want you now” or “UR hot” type texts I ran out of ideas.

I was searching for ideas on the magazine racks, in the bookstores and on the internet for a few weeks. Then I stumbled upon some material that opened my eyes to a huge arsenal of dirty, sexy messages I could text. I thought to myself, “Jackpot!…I’ll never run out of ideas for steamy texts again.

What I discovered is that I could take the “dirty talk” used in the bedroom and put a twist on it and create some very vivid sexual images in my guy’s mind that made it perfect for sending sexy text messages. Trust me, when he came to see me, he would be nicely warmed up.

Here’s a few sexy texts ideas I tried…they ranged from short and sexy to hardcore convos…

I sent a short and sexy text like this…

Say we had dinner together or went out somewhere. I would send him a sexy compliment like this…

Me: “You looked so hot and sexy in that shirt you had on last night…”

(I would pause to create anticipation)

Me: “I wanted so badly to unbutton it and run my hands all over your chest.”

I could take a simple task or ordinary activity and put a sexy twist on it like this…

For example, if I wanted to ask my boyfriend to pick something up from the market for me I would text him and add this dirty twist…

Me: Honey, can you bring over a bottle of wine and some cheese for dinner tonight…and while you’re at it, get one of those cans of whipped cream. I’m going to use it on you later :)

Him: I’ll get 2. Be there in 20 minutes :)

Or I could send him a sexy text to let him know how he turns me on like this…

Instead of waiting to be with my man in bed and whispering in his ear how much I loved his body, I would send him a sexy text to get him going.

Me:Hey babe, I really get turned on when I run my fingers over your chiseled pecs and down that 6-pack…and down to that hard, throbbing package of yours.


Me: Hey babe, I love your long hair and how it falls down around your face when we make love

Or something a little more dirty…

Me: I love it when you touch my xxx with your tongue. My body shivers


I would be at the department store shopping and I’m riding the elevator up to the next floor. I would send him a text like…

Me: Hey babe. I’m at the store and I’m going to buy some new sexy panties…

(I pause for a minute to create anticipation)

Me:The elevator ride up made me think of you…you know how I like getting a rise out of you especially when I’m wearing sexy panties :)

I could really get him over the edge with a sexy conversation starter like this one…

Me:Hey babe. I just got out of the shower and started massaging my body lotion all over me. I got hot thinking about something you do to me…

Him:You know I love to do all kinds of things to you. Which one are you thinking of?

Me: I’m thinking about how turned on I get when you start gently twisting my nipples with your magic fingers while you plant wet kisses behind my ears. I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

My boyfriend would send me a hot text back and I would just keep sending him more explicit texts to get him more excited and tip him over the edge!


How I got so damn good at sending dirty and sexy text messages

After my exhaustive search for dirty text ideas, I hit the jackpot and started sending my guy those hot and steamy texts I shared with you – and many more – by using a Girls Guide to Talking Dirty. When I got my hands on this incredible guide I could see how easy it was to adapt the dirty talk ideas to dirty texting.

The fact that the Girls Guide to Talking Dirty was originally written for more fun in the bedroom and other great situations is a bonus. I say that because I now know how to talk to my man to turn him on anytime and anywhere, whether it’s during the day with a text message when we’re apart or in the bedroom or anytime we are together. I feel so powerful!

The Girls Guide to Talking Dirty is full of great tools to create sexy, dirty texts to get your man hot and bothered:

=> You have over 100 dirty talk examples to use

=> You’ll learn how to create and endless number of unique and very personal sexy text messages with an “easy to use formula”

=> You’ll learn the 5 levels of talking dirty from sexy sounds like moaning and heavy breathing to not so dirty, dirty talk to fantasy dirty talk all the way to hardcore dirty talk

=> You’ll learn the secrets of saying dirty phrases the right way that get him harder than a rock

=> You’ll learn how to turn boring phrases into sexually loaded turn ons

=> You’ll learn 9 red hot ways to almost hypnotically implant sexual images into your man’s mind and really get him hot below the belt

The bonus materials are fantastic, too

=> How to captivate your lover: Discover the raw truth about beautiful women who draw men to them like bees to honey. And use it to bring in the right man you want.

=> Naughty bedroom secrets: How to easily bring the excitement and passion back into the bedroom for some steaming hot action.

=> 15 secrets to spice up your love life: How to feel those butterflies fluttering in your tummy every time he looks at you.

I drove my boyfriend crazy with the sexy texts I sent him

So I put the Girls Guide to Talking Dirty to the test after I read it through. I picked out some of the dirty talk examples like I showed you and sent my first sexy text to my boyfriend. I’m wearing a big smile as I write this just thinking about the reaction I got when he texted me back and the one I got when he came over that night!…and the fun I have with him just keeps getting better and better.

I highly recommend you get your own copy of Girls Guide to Talking Dirty if you want to send your guy hot and sexy texts and never run out of ideas. Then when he gets home to you, continue to use what you learn from the Guide to whisper sexy, dirty things in his ear. He won’t have to fantasize anymore about doing those naughty things to you. You’ll both love it!